Cable Management
These are used for proper routing and managing the cables inside a Rack. The product range includes cable managers for both open and closed racks. Two options are available in Cable Management systems ie. PVC and Steel (powder coated). While the Cable Management system is in built as a part of the Rack itself in 800 mm width Racks, they are available as an optional extra in case of open frame or two post racks. Both vertical and horizontal cable managemnet systems are available. In case of vertical cable management systems, the steel option also has a door in the front which can be locked, thus securing the cables inside.
Available in 1U and 2U - 19 inch Rack Mountable.Can be either single sided or double sided. Colour available is Black.
These are open cable managers with PVC Cable loops. Can be either 1U or 2U. Used when the density of cables to be managed is small.
These are mainly used in open frame or Two Post Racks but can also be fitted inside closed Racks. Available sizes are 75x75 or 100x100. Colour available is Black.
An added feature in Cable Mangers is the Brush entry. This ensures smooth passage of cables and eliminates risk of damage to Cables.
Steel Cable Managers are also available. These are suitable for both Open type ( 2 post ) and closed Racks. They can be made in any size ( width x depth x height) and can easily be mounted within the Rack. Doors with Locks are provided so that the Cables are not visible outside and look neat.
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