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Startronix Power Distribution Units are fitted inside the Racks to distribute power to the various active components inside the Rack. They receive power from the main supply. These coud be either AC Power or DC Power. Enclosures are made of sheet steel and powder coated. The units are tested for continuitity and proper earthing.
These are used for proper routing and managing the cables inside a Rack. The product range includes cable managers for both open and closed racks. Two options are available in Cable Management systems ie. PVC and Steel (powder coated). While the Cable Management system is in built as a part of the Rack itself in 800 mm width Racks, they are available as an optional extra in case of open frame or two post racks. Both vertical and horizontal cable managemnet systems are available. In case of vertical cable management systems, the steel option also has a door in the front which can be locked, thus securing the cables inside.
Rack shelves are used in Racks to place equipment which are not Rack Mountable.Shelf depths can vary from 250 mm upto 900 mm. They can be stationery or on slides. Full depth or Cantilevered
Rack Ventilation Units provide forced cooling in the racks with Fans. This helps maintain optimum operating temperature inside the Rack. These units are either 19 inch Rack Mountable or can be directly mounted on to the roof inside the Rack.Fan sizes and air flow can vary depending upon the level of cooling required inside the Rack. Individul fans, without the ventilation units can also be mounted directly on to the roof inside the Rack.
Base Frame or Plinth
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